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Basic course 5: Progression course in Study Competence and Project Management

Bachelor in Global Humanities
Activity type
Basic course
Teaching language

Students on their 1st semester will be registered automatically.

If you are taking the course again and are not on your 1st semester, please contact hib-exams@ruc.dk.

Detailed description of content

The ‘Project Management’ course will give you knowledge about University-level learning and the skills needed to enhance your capacity to reflect and learn during your university studies. You will be given techniques to design good research(able) problems, undertake literature reviews, plan your project work and learn as part of a team.

The course will also give you skills in academic presentation (of texts and during exams) and, most importantly, help you reflect about your learning process during the semester. Whilst the lecture program of the course is oriented towards your first semester project, the insights you gain from the course will serve you well throughout your academic career at RU.

Students are required to write a Learning Journal summarizing how their experiences from classes and the ongoing project work have shaped their understanding of studying at university level and learning within a problem-oriented group context.

For the exam, each student should draw on their Learning Journal to write a reflection on their development throughout the semester. Ultimately, this will enhance your ability to complete later ‘study descriptions’ that are expected as a supplement to RU project work.

The Learning Journal is formative (i.e., an aid to personal development) rather than summative (i.e., a way to assess your progress against external criteria).

The course corresponds to 5 ECTS credits and is assessed pass/fail.

There is a requirement for active and regular participation which will be discussed at the beginning of the teaching.

Summary of classes:

Class 1: You and ‘university’

Class 2: What’s the problem? Designing good problem formulations

Class 3: Supporting project work: identifying and finding resources

Class 4: Group Dynamics and Project management

Class 5: Academic writing

Class 6: Project report as an academic genre

Class 7: Workshop: presentations

Class 8: Preparing the Learning Journal

Class 9: Exams and reflections

Class Schedule

Initial themes taken up during the Group Formation period. During the Group Formation period you will be introduced to the structure and philosophy of the Global Humanities program: projects, dimensions and progressions. What type of educational process are you embarking upon? How can you learn to talk about that to others?

Other themes include:

  • Humanities and the changing world of work.

  • Diversity at RUC and GH.

  • Student involvement in University decision-making.

  • Using the University’s Moodle system.

During the Group Formation weeks you will also be asked to prepare a text on your own background, motivation for joining RU and GH and your expectations for the coming years. This will be used to assess your language skills and to adjust the focus and content of the class on Academic Writing in Class 5.

Expected work effort (ECTS-declaration)

The course is 5 ECTS (27,5 hours/ECTS) = 137,5 hours including preparing the final exam paper. - Session length: 5 hours.

  • Number of sessions: 9.

  • Expected student workload per session: Preparation: 8 hours for reading preparation.

  • Attendance: 5 hours Total: 13 hours per week

  • Total course workload excluding exam (9 x 13): 117 hours.

  • Exam assignment preparation: 20 hours

Course material and Reading list

See the corresponding moodle page.

Evaluation- and feedback forms

Dialogue-based throughout term, reflection papers, final evaluation at 2nd semester startup.

Administration of exams
GH Registration & Exams (gh-exams@ruc.dk)
Responsible for the activity
Anne H. Fabricius (fabri@ruc.dk)
Learning outcomes and assessment criteria
  • Knowledge and understanding of problem-oriented project work

  • Knowledge and understanding of the humanities at RUC

  • Knowledge and understanding of good practice in academic and scientific ethics and knowledge of the rules on plagiarism

  • Proficiency in project management

  • Proficiency in searching for information for use in academic work

  • Proficiency in writing within academic genres and critically assessing written work

  • Proficiency in providing a critical assessment of the relationship between project selection, problem formulation, information and literature searching, report writing and evaluation

  • Competences in organising, managing, collaborating on and reflecting critically upon problem-oriented project work

  • Competences in academic study practice

Overall content

This course focuses on general study competences and project management competences, see the course’s learning objectives.

Teaching and working methods

Class instruction with group exercises

Type of activity

Mandatory course

Form of examination
The course is passed through active and satisfactory participation.

Active participation is defined as:
The student must participate in course related activities (e.g. workshops, seminars, field excursions, process study groups, working conferences, supervision groups, feedback sessions).

Satisfactory active participation is defined as:
- The student must during the course hand in a portfolio consisting of maximum 10 written products (the exact number is determined by the lecturer), which combined must not exceed 36.000 characters including spaces.
- The student must during the course participate in a feedback-session.

Assessment: Pass/Fail.
Form of Re-examination
Individual written take-home assignment in a research question of own choice approved by the lecturer.

The character limit of the assignment is: 24,000-28,800 characters, including spaces.
The character limit includes the cover, table of contents, bibliography, figures and other illustrations, but exclude any appendices.

The duration of the take-home assignment is 7 days and may include weekends and public holidays.
The estimated work effort is 20 hours. Other exams may therefore be scheduled simultaneously.

Assessment: Pass/Fail.
Exam code(s)
Exam code(s) : U27208
Last changed 04/06/2024

lecture list:

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Monday 09-09-2024 08:15 - 09-09-2024 12:00 in week 37
BC5: Study Competence and Project Management (GH)

Friday 13-09-2024 08:15 - 13-09-2024 12:00 in week 37
BC5: Study Competence and Project Management (GH)

Friday 20-09-2024 08:15 - 20-09-2024 12:00 in week 38
BC5: Study Competence and Project Management (GH)

Friday 27-09-2024 08:15 - 27-09-2024 12:00 in week 39
BC5: Study Competence and Project Management (GH)

Friday 11-10-2024 08:15 - 11-10-2024 12:00 in week 41
BC5: Study Competence and Project Management (GH)

Friday 25-10-2024 08:15 - 25-10-2024 12:00 in week 43
BC5: Study Competence and Project Management (GH)

Friday 01-11-2024 08:15 - 01-11-2024 12:00 in week 44
BC5: Study Competence and Project Management (GH)

Friday 15-11-2024 08:15 - 15-11-2024 12:00 in week 46
BC5: Study Competence and Project Management (GH)

Monday 06-01-2025 08:15 - 06-01-2025 12:00 in week 02
BC5: Study Competence and Project Management (GH)

Friday 10-01-2025 10:00 - 10-01-2025 10:00 in week 02
BC5: Study Competence and Project Management (GH) // Exam

Monday 13-01-2025 08:15 - 13-01-2025 12:00 in week 03
BC5: Study Competence and Project Management (GH)

Monday 17-02-2025 10:00 - Monday 24-02-2025 10:00 in week 08 and week 09
BC5: Study Competence and Project Management (GH) // Re-exam