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Project-oriented Internship: Innovation and Innovation Management

Business studies / Economics and Business Administration
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Project process

The internship encompasses:

• A maximum of 400 hours, included both the internship and the internship project report.

• The writing of an internship project report, the object of which is for the students to demonstrate the ability to reflect on their stay with the company and the skills they have applied there. It must be possible to use the report to discuss the experience students have acquired through the internship – in contrast to their abstract and analytical work with similar issues during their studies. The project report must refer to the overall academic topic of the semester.

The internship must be approved by the Study Board. Prior to commencing the internship, the student must seek advance approval for the host company. In its processing of the application, the Study Board must ensure that the student, through the project-oriented internship, achieves academic competencies that in scope and level correspond to the competencies that can be achieved through the ordinary study programme. If the application is approved, the Head of Studies will assign a supervisor. Guidance is provided to students during the actual internship.

Course material and reading list

Internship projects are normally examined individually. The same rules apply as for an ordinary semester project.

Head of studies/academic coordinator
Margit Neisig (neisig@ruc.dk)
Administration of exams
ISE Studyadministration (ise-studyadministration@ruc.dk)
The responsible course lecturer
Margit Neisig (neisig@ruc.dk)
Type of examination

Oral examination on the basis of an internship project report.

The examination will be based on the student’s internship project report and any appendices handed in with the report. The examination will start with a presentation based on the report. Presentations have a duration of up to 3 min.

The presentation is followed by a dialogue between the student and the assessors on the basis of the internship project report. During the examination, the assessors may ask questions related the internship project report’s subject area(s).

The size specifications of the internship project report are between 60,000 - 122,400 characters, including spaces.

The size specifications include the cover, table of contents, bibliography, figures and other illustrations, but exclude any appendices. Time allowed for examination including time used for assessment 30 minutes.

The assessment is an overall evaluation of the internship project report and the oral presentation. The assessment includes spelling and clarity of expression in the internship project report. Permitted support and preparation materials during the examination: All.

Assessment: 7-point grading scale.

Moderation: Internal co-assessor.

Learning outcomes and assessment criteria
  • Knowledge and understanding:

    About innovation and entrepreneurship as a field of research

  • About the process characteristics and systemic characteristics of innovation

  • About how management participates in innovation processes

  • Skills:

    Combining theoretical and practical studies of business with innovation and innovation management applying external frameworks and internal conditions for innovation

  • Completing, documenting and presenting problem-oriented analyses and analytical results

  • Competences:

    Critically formulating and assessing the development processes and management style of a business, as well as financcial and social organisation

  • formulating problem-oriented considerations and demonstrating a solid methodological understanding

  • Inependently reflecting upon theory and practice at a high academic level in relation to the function and role that the student has played in the business/organisation

Overall content

The aim of the internship is for the student to acquire professional insights and skillsin working with methodological and theoretical issues related to innovation management and innovation processes and to also acquire professional competences in relation to concrete work tasks in a private or public sector business, organisation or association. The objectives are fulfilled by the student preparing an internship project to demonstrate their ability to work independently scientifically with the organisation and management of innovation in a business and to reflect on the theory and methodology in relation to the job function that the student has had in the business/organisation. In the project report, the students must describe and document the academically relevant elements of the research questions and work tasks they have been allocated and reflect upon the practices that have been observedin the field, the student'a own learning and the relationship between practice and theory within the field.

Prerequisites for participation
Currently no data from curriculum.
Prerequisites for participation in the exam
Currently no data from curriculum.
Teaching and working methods

An internship consists of:

  • A maximum of 400 hours, including both the internship and the internship project report
  • The preparation of an internship project report, theo bject of wich is for the student to demonstrate the ability to reflect upon their internship in the business/organisation and the qualifications they have used in the process. It must be possible to use the report to discuss the practical experience the student has gained through the internship - as opposed to working abstractly and analytically with similar research questions during their academic studies. The project report must refer to the overall academic subject area of the semester.

The internship must be approved by the Board of studies. Before the start of the internship, the student must apply for pre-approval of the Internship host. When processing the application, the Board of Studies must ensure that the student will gain professional competences from the project-oriented internship which, in terms of scope and level, match the competences that could be gained from the ordinary study programme. If the application is approved, the Head of Studies will assign a supervisor. The students will be offered supervision during the internship.

Type of course

Project-oriented Internship

Exam code(s)
Exam code(s) : U40717
Last changed 28/11/2019

lecture list:

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Wednesday 27-05-2020 10:00 - 27-05-2020 10:00 in week 22
Exam - Project hand in

Monday 15-06-2020 08:15 - Tuesday 30-06-2020 17:15 in week 25 to week 27
Exam - Oral

Monday 03-08-2020 08:15 - Monday 31-08-2020 19:00 in week 32 to week 36
Re-Exam - Oral