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Datalogi - Fagmodulkursus 3 - Interactive digital systems

Uddannelse Fagmodul i Datalogi
Kursustype Fagmodulskursus
Undervisningssprog English

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Registration will take place during the period October 28 - November 15, 2015

Questions regarding registration please contact course secretary Anja Kastrup Christiansen (anjakc@ruc.dk)

The course description is preliminary

Kursus starter 09-02-2016
Kursus slutter 19-04-2016

Tuesdays 8.30.00-12.45 during weeks 6-16 (no lecture on March 22, 2016 (week 13) due to Easter Holiday)


Week 6+7: 43.2-029

Week 8-16: 6.2-plenum


English at a level equivalent to the Danish gymnasium level B

It is recommended that subject module course 1 is taken before subject module course 3 is begun


Examples of how to structure your studies at Computer Science:



§ 1. The aim of the Bachelor Subject module in Computer Science is to qualify the student in interdisciplinary development work, particularly in preparation for professional functions in software development, i.e. especially construction and analysis of software. The aim is to give general and valid qualifications at a scientific level. General terms and general understanding have a high priority and the student’s ability to work in the field of computer science from a problem-solving and critical perspective is emphasised


Technical terms and user situations in interactive digital systems. More specifically:

● Programming concepts for reactive and interactive systems (e.g. events, listeners)

● User interface design and construction. Typical user input and 2-D graphics and sound

● Autonomous systems (e.g. robots, control systems)

● Sensor input (e.g. touch, movement, vision, scientific measurements)

● Processing digital media


The goal of the course is that the student acquire:


● Knowledge about technical terms and user situations in interactive digital systems

● Understanding of the principles and the use of technologies behind interactive digital systems


● Skills in programming techniques for the development of interactive digital systems

● Skills in the use of tools and equipment for the execution of pro-grammes


● Competencies in designing and testing solutions

● Competence in surveying and reflecting on different solutions


An individual oral exam with a duration of 15 min. based on a written individual assignment and the curriculum. The grading is a total of the oral exam and the written assignment. The written assignment is based on a given problem.


As the ordinary exam

Written assigment:

Wednesday at 12.00, June 29 2016 at OnlineEksamen.ruc.dk

Oral exam:

August 26 (Friday), 2016

You will be informed of details such as exact time and location later


Written assigment:

Thursday at 15.00, April 21 2016 at OnlineEksamen.ruc.dk

Oral exam:

June 9 or June 10, 2016

You will be informed of details such as exact time and location later

Undervisningsansvarlig Mads Rosendahl (madsr@ruc.dk )
Kursussekretær Heidi Lundquist (heilu@ruc.dk )
Anja Kastrup Christiansen (anjakc@ruc.dk )
Underviser Mads Rosendahl (madsr@ruc.dk )
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Belastning : 5 ECTS Aktivitetskode : U25233
Prøveform : Skriftlig/mundtlig Bedømmelse : 7-trinsskala Censur : Intern censur