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Basic course 4: Dimension course in Culture and History

Bachelor in Global Humanities
Activity type
Basic course
Teaching language

Students on their 1st and 2nd semester will be registered automatically.

If you are taking the course again and are not on your 1st or 2nd semester, please contact hib-exams@ruc.dk.

Detailed description of content

All humanistic sciences have a historical and cultural perspective. This course will introduce some of the basic theories and themes within this broad field. We will focus on a global perspective on theories, concepts and analytical approaches within the subjects of History and Cultural Encounters. The course deals with some crosscutting topics, such as, Power, Globalization, Gender, Eurocentrism, Postcolonialism, and Nationalism.

A core interest in the course will be how the past is used and influences the present, and how the social and political categories, which we take for granted in our everyday lives, are shaped historically and negotiated contemporarily.

Expected work effort (ECTS-declaration)

The course is valued at 5 ECTS which is equivalent to 130 hours.

There are 10 teaching classes of 1.75 hours each = 17.5 teaching hours in addition to 10 hours of review classes = 27.5 contact hours.

Preparation for each class is 7-8 hours = approximately 80 hours in total

The essay writing = approximately 20 hours

Course material and Reading list

See moodle.

Evaluation- and feedback forms

Running evaluation during course with official online evaluation at the conclusion.

Administration of exams
GH Registration & Exams (gh-exams@ruc.dk)
Responsible for the activity
Lene Bull Christiansen (bull@ruc.dk)
Learning outcomes and assessment criteria
  • Knowledge and understanding of theories, methods, concepts, academic traditions and current discourse in the humanistic dimension ‘culture and history’, see the dimension description in appendix 1

  • Proficiency in analysing, comparing and assessing research questions within the dimension ‘culture and history’

Overall content

An overview of the contents of the dimension can be found in the dimension descriptions in appendix 1

Teaching and working methods

Class instruction with supplementary exercise lessons.

Type of activity

Mandatory course

Form of examination
Individual written take-home assignment given by the lecturer.

The character limit of the assignment is: 7,200-26,400 characters, including spaces.
The character limit includes the cover, table of contents, bibliography, figures and other illustrations, but exclude any appendices.

The duration of the take-home assignment is 48 hours and may include weekends and public holidays.

Assessment: 7-point grading scale.
Form of Re-examination
Samme som ordinær eksamen / same form as ordinary exam
Exam code(s)
Exam code(s) : U40703
Last changed 04/06/2024

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