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Study and semester start

Global and Development Studies

Starting with the Introductory Days at the Roskilde University campus on 4th – 5th September 2023, we are looking forward to welcoming you at Global and Development Studies!

During the Introductory Days you will hear more about the structure and content of your degree program, attend academic presentations and social events, meet researchers and get to know your fellow students.

For your convenience, be aware that the room number should be read as follows: E.g. 07.2-033 = Building 7, 2. Floor, Room 33

If you are a new student at Roskilde University or just need some assistance with navigating the buildings and rooms on campus, you can find a map here.

Be aware not to confuse the Introductory Days with the Foundation Course, The Foundation Course specifically tailored for international students to help them get settled in Denmark and introduce them to the learning principles of Roskilde University. If we you are an international student, we strongly encourage you to participate in both programmes as they focus on different and equally important aspects of your studies at Roskilde University. You can read more about the Foundation Course and sign up here.

The program for the Introductory Days is as follows:

Monday, September 4th

- 11:00-11:45 Presentation of the program by the head of studies - room 25.2-005

- 11:45-12:45 Study environment at ISE/GDS - room 25.2-005

- 12:45-14:00 Shared lunch break with the research community - room 25.2-005

- 14:00-14:15 Go to presentation with Jakob Kronik, Director of International Cooperation, Forests of the World

- 14:15-16:00 Reception and presentation by Jakob Kronik, Director of International Cooperation, Forests of the World - room 00.1-009 (large auditorium)

Tuesday, September 5th

- 12:15-13:15 Internship and future opportunities - room 25.2-005

- 13:15-14:00 Bring your own lunch with study administration visit for Q&A - room 25.2-005

- 14:00-14:30 Being a student at GDS - room 25.2-005

- 14:30-15:30 Library presentation with focus on citing source material - room 25.2-005

- 15:30-16:15 Tour de Chambre - building 25 + 14 - room 25.2-005

- 16:15-18:00 Joint KA event: Jazz concert and café - room 25.1-035

Changes to the program might occur. It's thus advised to check up on the program in august.

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Sidst ændret 28/08/2023


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Mandag 04-09-2023 11:00 - 04-09-2023 14:00 i uge 36
Study and semester start (GDS)

Mandag 04-09-2023 14:15 - 04-09-2023 16:00 i uge 36
Reception and presentation by Erkan Özden

Tirsdag 05-09-2023 12:15 - 05-09-2023 16:00 i uge 36
Study and semester start (GDS)

Tirsdag 05-09-2023 16:15 - 05-09-2023 18:00 i uge 36
Joint event for new Master students: Jazz concert and café