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Lab Safety Course / Kursus i laboratoriesikkerhed - Mandatory for all newcommers to Roskilde University

Chemical Biology / Environmental Science / Molecular Health Science

Mandatory for all newcomers to Roskilde University

  • Exchange-students on a bachelor programme

  • Full degree students with a non-danish entry-exam to the masters programme (students at Mathematics or Physics are excused)

  • Danish master students with a non-RUC bachelor degree (students at Mathematics or Physics are excused)

Please read the handbook on laboratory safety

Lab Safety Course for newcomers to Roskilde University

Attendance is compulsory

This lab safety course is for all newcomers to Roskilde University. Although you may have taken a similar safety course at another institution, your attendance is required as we will present some aspects of safety that are specific to our institution. We will introduce some online databases (Kemibrug, the Danish chemical safety database) and other resources, and therefore you should bring a laptop.

We expect you to have read the following parts and pages in the INM Laboratory Safety Handbook before the laboratory safety session:

  • General introduction p. 6-11
  • Working in the Chemistry lab p. 12-13
  • Working in the Biology laboratories p. 14-17, and p. 20.

For reference, the following sections may also be relevant to your work:

  • Gloves. p. 21
  • Hazardous Substances. p. 22-27
  • Guidelines for correct handling of waste p. 28-31

In addition, take the self-assessment quiz on p. 36.

Finally, you should also look at the table of contents, as well as familiarize yourself with Appendix 3 on waste labelling groups.

Plan for the Lab Safety Course:

• Welcome to the Laboratory Safety Course

• Lecture on General Laboratory Safety in INM

• Lecture on GMO1 rules and waste handling

• Summary and questions

Lab coats: For work conducted in the Biology and Chemistry laboratories you must wear a Lab coat. We advise you to buy your own lab coat, which are available for sale in the RUC bookstore – delivery time 2-3 days, or via online suppliers.

William Goldring (goldring@ruc.dk)
Eksamenskode(r) : AUTO-13690
Sidst ændret 29/03/2023


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Mandag 04-09-2023 08:15 - 04-09-2023 10:00 i uge 36
Lab Safety Course / Kursus i laboratoriesikkerhed - Mandatory for all newcommers to Roskilde University