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Recommended plan of study

Mathematical Bioscience
Recommended Study Plan

Read about the Master Programme and find the Study Regulations at ruc.dk

If you have any questions regarding study planning, available courses etc. please contact the study administration at inm-exams@ruc.dk

List of courses/projects offered in the Autumn 2022

  • Modelling of Biological Systems

  • General Molecular and Medical Biology

  • Elective courses: Genomics and Metabolism or Cancer Biology

  • Modelling project

  • Specialisation Project

List of courses/projects offered in the Spring 2023

  • Dynamical Systems Analysis

  • Probability and Statistics

  • Advanced Eukaryotic Cell Biology 1 – Inside the Cell

  • Fundamental Mathematical Structures

  • Scientific Computing and Data Science

  • Specialisation Project

  • Modelling project

Last changed 13/03/2023

lecture list:

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Wednesday 01-02-2023 00:00 - 01-02-2023 00:00 in week 05
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