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Master Thesis

Computer Science *
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Detailed description of content

A thesis should be done in the area of computer science but may involve the other subject of your study program.

Project Process

You should sign up for thesis work and make a thesis contract at the end of the semester prior to starting the thesis.

Expected work effort (ECTS-declaration)

The thesis work will have a total workload of 810 hours. 40 hours are spent on project formation and around 40 hours for the exam and preparation for the exam.

Course material and Reading list

The thesis should include references to relevant research litterature

Evaluation- and feedback forms

A Master’s Thesis student can expect approximately 10-15 hours of supervision during the thesis work.

Head of studies/academic coordinator
Henrik Bulskov (bulskov@ruc.dk)
Administration of exams
IMT Studyadministration (imt-studyadministration@ruc.dk)
Responsible for the activity
Hua Lu (luhua@ruc.dk)
Learning outcomes and assessment criteria
  • Knowledge and understanding:

  • Research-based knowledge of selected subject areas and understanding of and reflection on how one’s own thesis research fits into its academic context

  • Knowledge and understanding of the academic genre and the academic target group to which the master’s thesis is addressed

  • Skills:

  • Proficiency in using and mastering scientific theories and methods while working with a defined, professional and relevant research question

  • Proficiency in identifying scientific research questions

  • Proficiency in analysing, categorising, discussing, arguing, reflecting and evaluating on a scientific basi

  • Proficiency in critically addressing and choosing scientific sources, literature, theory and methods

  • Proficiency in discussing and participating in academic argumentation

  • Proficiency in writing in accordance with academic text norms and for an academic target group

  • Competences

  • Competences in independently being capable of initiating, managing and completing a long-term academic research and writing process

  • Competences in identifying and taking responsibility for one’s own professional and written language development and specialisation

Overall content

Master Thesis in Computer Science

Type of activity

Master thesis

Form of examination
The master thesis can be written individually or in a group. Permitted group size: 2-4 students.

The student(s) can choose whether the assessment should be based on solely the written product or on both the written product and the oral exam.

The character limits of the master thesis are:
for 1 student: 40,800-192,000 characters, including spaces.
For 2 students: 40,800-192,000 characters, including spaces.
For 3 students: 40,800-204,000 characters, including spaces.
For 4 students: 40,800-204,000 characters, including spaces.

The character limits include the cover, table of contents, summary, bibliography, figures and other illustrations, but exclude any appendices.

The master thesis must include a summary. The summary can either be written in English or Danish.
The summary is included in the overall assessment with a weighting of 5 percent.

Before submitting a master thesis written by a group, that have chosen an assessment solely based on the written product, each member of the group must clearly indicate which part(s) of the thesis they are responsible for.
All group members are responsible for the introduction, conclusion and summary.

The oral exam is individual for students that have written the thesis alone, or students that have requested an individual exam. All other oral master thesis exams are conducted as group exams.

The oral exam, if relevant, will be based on the master thesis. The students begin the exam with a short presentation followed by a dialogue between the student, examiner and external examiner.
There may be posed questions related to the subject area(s) that the master thesis covers.

Time allowed for exam including time used for assessment for:
1 student: 30 minutes.
2 students: 60 minutes.
3 students: 75 minutes.
4 students: 90 minutes.

There will be an individual assessment of each student’s performance.
The assessment is an overall assessment of the master thesis and, where relevant, the oral performance.

Writing and spelling skills in the thesis are part of the assessment.

Permitted support and preparation materials at the oral exam: All.

Assessment: 7-point grading scale.
Moderation: External examiner.
Form of Re-examination
Samme som ordinær eksamen / same form as ordinary exam
Exam code(s)
Exam code(s) : U40387
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