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Project-oriented Internship in Computer Science

Project-oriented Internship in Computer Science
Master programme in
Computer Science
Type of activity


Teaching language
Study regulation

Read about the Master Programme and find the Study Regulations at ruc.dk


Please be aware of the approval requirements for a project-oriented internship. You can read more about the approval process here

Number of participants
Responsible for the activity
Head of study
Henrik Bulskov (bulskov@ruc.dk)
Study administration
IMT Studyadministration (imt-studyadministration@ruc.dk)
Exam code(s)
Overall objective

Completing an internship at an academically relevant workplace for the purposes of gaining first-hand knowledge of typical work tasks and more experience with the connection between professional practice and the programme’s academic content.

Detailed description of content

Total workload of 412 hours.

Course material and Reading list
Overall plan and expected work effort
Evaluation and feedback

The internship will be survey evaluated by the IMT department.


Negotiated with internship and supervisor

Overall learning outcomes

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • demonstrate knowledge and understanding of theories and methods in a selected computer science subject area and how they are used in practice.

  • apply and evaluate the subject’s theories and methods to solve concrete computer science tasks in practice.

  • reflect upon the professional competences needed to participate in solving concrete computer science research questions in practice.

  • reflect upon one’s own learning process and how the acquired knowledge and understanding, skills and competences can be used to work on the internship project’s research questions.

Form of examination
Oral exam based on project oriented internship report

The character limit of the internship report is: maximum 48,000 characters, including spaces.
The character limits include the cover, table of contents, bibliography, figures and other illustrations, but exclude any appendices.

Time allowed for exam including time used for assessment: 30 minutes.

The assessment is an assessment of the report and the oral performance.
Writing and spelling skills in the report are part of the assessment.

Permitted support and preparation materials for the oral exam: All.

Assessment: 7-point grading scale.
Moderation: Internal co-assessor.
Form of Re-examination
Samme som ordinær eksamen / same form as ordinary exam
Type of examination in special cases
Examination and assessment criteria

The exam will be based on an internship report. In the assessment of the examination, emphasis will be placed on the learning outcomes.

Exam code(s)
Exam code(s) : U60064
Last changed 24/05/2022

lecture list:

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Tuesday 20-12-2022 10:00 - 20-12-2022 10:00 in week 51
Project-oriented Internship - Project hand-in (COMP)

Monday 16-01-2023 08:15 - Tuesday 31-01-2023 18:00 in week 03 to week 05
Project-oriented Internship - Oral examination period (COMP)

Wednesday 01-02-2023 08:15 - Tuesday 28-02-2023 18:00 in week 05 to week 09
Project-oriented Internship - Oral reexamination period (COMP)