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Ethnography and Participatory Design

Uddannelse ph.d.
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Vært Ph.d.-skolen for kommunikation og humanistisk videnskab

Please sign up by sending an email to berri@ruc.dk no later than Thursday April 25 at 13.00.

Kursus starter 29-04-2013
Kursus slutter 29-04-2013
Ekstern underviser

Jeanette Blomberg is newly appointed as Adjunct Professor at CBIT.


Especially the PhD students who took part in Jeanette's PhD course " Field‐based research and qualitative data analysis: Connecting ethnography and design" in May 2012 will be interested in this opportunity.


She will give her opening talk "Ethnography and Participatory Design" Tuesday April 30 14.00 - 15.00, see announcement in the recent newsletter.

In connection with her visit to the department we have managed to organize a PhD seminar with Jeanette on Ethnography and Design. We invite you to participate to discuss and reflect on your experience with ethnographic approaches in relation to your PhD project with fellow PhD students and Jeanette.


The seminar takes place Monday April 29 10.00 - 15.00 in Room 43.2.43.

Ansvarlig Jesper Simonsen (simonsen@ruc.dk )
Keld Bødker (keldb@ruc.dk )