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Thesis Seminar // For students who will write master thesis in Fall 2020

Business studies / Economics and Business Administration

The Master Thesis Seminar at Business Studies and Business Administration is an advanced master level course touching upon all the main aspects of the thesis writing process.

The overall aim of the Master Thesis Seminar is:

  • to provide inputs and inspiration for writing the master thesis;
  • to create a forum where the students have the opportunity to discuss both their own thesis ideas and common themes related to the master thesis writing process.

The main themes of the seminar are:

  • Problem formulation and its relation to the other elements of the thesis (e.g. theory, method, philosophy of science)
  • Role and choice of theory and literature reviews
  • Role and choice of philosophy of science
  • Role and choice of methodology and research design
  • Project structure, writing process and writing style
  • Relations with external organizations/companies

The Master Thesis Seminar at Business Studies and Business Administration is not mandatory, but it gives the students the great opportunity for getting advanced knowledge about theory, methodology, literature review and philosophy of science as well as the opportunity to present and discuss students’ own thesis projects in an informal forum.

Therefore, participation to the thesis seminar is especially beneficial in the initial phase of the thesis writing process and this is the reason why it starts almost simultaneously with the official start of the thesis semester.

The Master Thesis Seminar consists of 6 seminars, each taking place approximately every 2 weeks during the master thesis semester.

Each seminar consists of teacher presentations, student presentations and discussions and workshops The detailed content description of each course seminar is provided below.

The students will acquire advanced knowledge, skills and competences on several aspects of the master thesis writing process such as theoretical and epistemological choices and application, methodology, different types of advanced literature review, master thesis structure, writing process and writing style. The master thesis seminar both refreshes the students of what they have learned so far in their education as well as introduces new and advanced elements/methods /epistemological angles.

Basic literature

Will be provided during lectures.

Teaching and working methods

Teaching consists of lectures, discussions, presentations and mini-workshops where the students discuss and reflect on different aspects of the thesis writing process

The responsible course lecturer
Ada Scupola (ada@ruc.dk)
Last changed 28/02/2020

lecture list:

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Tuesday 14-04-2020 08:30 - 14-04-2020 10:15 in week 16
Stress and writing thesis by study Environment Tutor

Tuesday 14-04-2020 10:15 - 14-04-2020 10:30 in week 16

Tuesday 14-04-2020 10:30 - 14-04-2020 12:00 in week 16
Presentation from the study administration / REKS and the study guide

Tuesday 14-04-2020 12:15 - 14-04-2020 14:00 in week 16
Academic start-up for the thesis